LCFC Away Travel

We're back, and ready to get you back on the road.

It’s been a long wait, but at long last, we’re back and ready to get foxes fans back on the road. As always we’re kickstarting with the pre-season friendlies against Burton, Wycombe and QPR, then it’s back to Wembley we go for the Community Shield contest with Manchester City.
Tickets for the friendlies are now on sale with tickets for the Community Shield coming very soon. Visit our brand new website for more information, to book seats, or to register for updates.

As you’ll see, we’ve completely reworked the website with a whole new look as well as a new and improved system to ensure booking is as quick and easy as possible. We’re also publishing more information such as estimated timings in an effort to provide an all-round better service. Because its an all-new system, you will need to re-register an account if you had one with us before, but this is a very simple process.

If you take a look ahead at the Community Shield fixture, or any of the Premier League fixtures we’ve currently got online you may notice we’ve added a couple of new pickup points outside the city. We’ve done this to provide a better solution to those who live outside the city and find the journey in a faff, currently we’ve setup pickup points for the Hobby Horse in Syston and opposite Sturgess Jaguar.

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